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Welcome to the JTools open source project website. Please check out our progress using the links above! The latest source code and binaries are in the download section, and you can sign up to work on the project in the Contact Info section.

To check out what JTools Open Source is all about go to the overview section.

Latest news
The JTools project is currently in its start-up phase. The project consists of small Java utilities. The development purpose is to make the life of a Java developer a bit easier.
At this time, these utilities are available for download:

      File Upload
      Cache Manager

To download one of these utilities click here.

In Progress
The JTools developers are currently working on several utilities. Some of these utilities are small and easy, while others have a larger scope and are technically more difficult.

One of those utilities is the Database Pool Manager which will provide developers with a high-performance, easy to understand, easy to use and especially database-independent connection manager.

Another utility which is on the discussion table is a network monitoring tool. This utility will be able to maintain statistics about network traffic.

All the utilities which are developed in the JTools Open Source environment have their origin in the suggestions of developers.
So feel free to join our discussion forum concerning utility proposals. To post some of your ideas click here.