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What is JTools?

JTools is an open source project which provides developers with the possibility of downloading tools for java. This project is started in the content of making the life of a programmer a easier.

What is open source? As the the word already reveales the tools developed by this team are visible for everyone and accessable to a certain dedgree. As this project got started a license had to be chosen. We toke the General Public License (GNU). In brief this license makes it possible for you to copy and modify the code as you self see fit. The only change which need to be made is that you make a reference that the code is originaly not yours and provide your files with a link to the orginal source. All the terms regarding the license are explain at the following page.

How is descided which tools we make? This part is not always easy. There may already exist tools which we are developing but this we try to prevent for not re-inventing the wheel. We can also descide to develop a tool which already exists but from which we have the beleave to make the tool even better. In general propositions are made to develop a tool. The proposition is reviewed by several team members and in case of a green light the priliminary spec is made. This document explains what the tool is about and what functionality it will contain. Onces the developments are done a release version can be made.
Propositions of tools can be made by everyone. You don't need to be a member of the JTools open source project. Simply join our discussion at this forum.

In consern of your use of our tools we try to provide you with as much documentation as we can. We would like everyone to understand the code behind the tools. This is also the reason why the source files are documented. In each release you will find a readme file which explains what the tool is and how to use it.

Well this covers the basics of our project. If you have any more question regarding JTools you can always contact us by click here.