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Documentation is a key factor in understanding the utilities, and this section is an introduction to the structure of the project's documentation. We also spend a great deal of our time documenting the activities taking place in the JTools Open Source project. With the help of our cvs repository, valuable documentation is provided for each utility.

This is also the reason why we refer you to our cvs repository for the documentation. If you follow the next link, you will notice that the documentation is provided for each utility is provided in a separate directory.

Every utility directory consists of two parts. These are a doc directory and a readme file. The readme file contains all the information a user needs to work with the utility. This document consists of several parts. The first part is the "how to run". This paragraph explains how you can use the utility. Another part is "What is [utility name]" which explains what the utility is all about. The last section is "bugs" which provides information regarding the procedures for reporting any errors you find in the functioning of a utility.

To browse our cvs repository for documentation click here. Choose a directory and you will find the documentation concerning the utility.

We also provide you a complete API documentation which is available by clicking here.